Start of a good thing…

Some blog posts way back I mentioned I’d like to have an event centered around my brand. It was loosely conceived that a group of like-minded friends, pals and associates would get together and ride for a week. And to be honest, the idea was not all that original, it was lifted straight from pal Steve Hampsten. His Retiro training camps in Central CA looked pretty awesome. My version would be based out of Gainesville FL, maybe the only unique university town in FL.

Well, it went down last week. I started small, with a couple of good friends from Boston(DavidS and wife in forum speak) and Tootall with Queen. At different times we had my bro, my Dad, Redmist and the better looking but less good with tools Fazzio brother. I must gush about how awesome everyone was and the time we had. The riding in and around Gainesville could be top five in the USA for the month of February. It’s that good. Everyday we could have chosen loops between 40 and 100 miles and not seen many of the same roads twice. The friendship was good too. Youz guys (if you’re reading this) made it special, and who would have known Sammy Hagar’s Tequila wasn’t bad?

At this point I’d like to commit to this happening again next year and the year after that. If you’re a pal, are like minded, or just want to ride bikes, get in touch with me and I’ll put you on the list. I’ll work out the details later in the year, but it’s a sure thing.


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