Time to Honest Up

I’ve been posting pictures, opining about sensitive subjects that most people don’t really care about, and not getting much else done. If I can can take pictures and opine I must be ok, right? No, I’ve been ill. I’ve been ill since mid December of last year. I didn’t really think it was anyone’s business. I shared it with a few friends and family. I’ve been in the hospital, I’ve been in pain. I may be going back in and I’m still in pain. The good news is that I think I can be fixed up with small incisions, let’s hope. I’ve got commitments I’m not meeting. I can’t work my day career more than 4 hours per day, I’m just pretending to be a frame builder by night. I have a frame in the stand that only needs a brake bridge and I don’t know when I’ll be able to get to it. So that’s where I am. I have 3-4 frames ready to start, two to finish and no idea when it will happen. My head is working but my body isn’t. It’s time to be honest with myself about what I can get done and what I can’t. I’m ready to move on but it will take time. If you are in my que please have patience and I’ll be back to work as soon as I can, for me as much as you, I promise.

Now that’s off my chest I’ll opine. My bro was considering a move to FL. Things didn’t work out and he got a great job offer in SC. I couldn’t be happier for him and to have him 2-3 hours closer still will be nice. It’s a bummer though. In the back of my mind I had us launching Greene Bros Bicycles or Greene Bros Racing Cycles in a few years. The other JG is a pretty strong rider and a steady riding partner. It would have been nice to have him in the shop too. If I had a big big brother I’d be leary of working with him, but I’d have been on my best behavior and I sure he’s not afraid of the ass wuppin’ that used to be a daily staple of his existence. That would have been exciting. New art, new decals and a new business model. I think it would have been awesome. No worries, we will get another shot or two at making it work.

The National hand-built bike Show is in a week or so. I’m sorry to miss it. I’d like to meet the many framebuilders from the West and North West who have not come East the last few years. If you go, please be sure to stop by and see Mitch Pryor. I learned to build frames with Mitch 5 years ago and I have been a fan since and I’ll admit to a little Flickr stalking. Tell him I said hello.

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1 Response to Time to Honest Up

  1. Jayme says:

    Best of luck Jonathan! Take care of you.

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