Not so deep thoughts and what’s going on….

There is a large rock in Central Park past the playground and sheep meadow as you walk up the path from Columbus Circle that was the scene of an exchange between pal CSB and myself. As kid #2 was blissfully working his way up the highest rock face, CSB asked about my bikes, my building,  and what was going on. I mentioned I was sometimes struggling with how I wanted things to move aesthetically. I’m not one who thinks that building bicycle frames is art, in the sense of fine art. Some of what inspires me, though, is not unlike how an artist may be inspired. I shared my thought with CSB that I feel like using a certain lugset from abc builder and dropouts from xyz, that I was just building another version of what somebody else has staked out a corner doing.  Paint by numbers? Working these thoughts out with my pal, who is more connected to the art world than anyone I know, informed me that inspiration in the art sense doesn’t just come from what’s brought from the outside into the inside but also the movement you participate in that surrounds you.  Ok, I can feel that. In that sense I feel less of a copycat but as these next 12 months come and go I’ll be releasing more of what I think will be uniquely me. There is definitely going to be a relentless approach to pleasing me first with everything that leaves the shop.

The first shot across the bow is that green as a color is off my color palette. Yes, everyone seems to think it should be my “official” color, a brand of sorts. The reality is that I don’t ride green bikes, I don’t care all that much for the color, it was forced when I painted it and only one person has ever requested their bike be green.

Now to what’s happening in the shop. I’ve got two bikes in production right now and another for me that is coming together 15 minutes at a time it seems.  I’ve also got 3 repaints waiting in the wings and some fixturing to be built. There are lots of new projects, paint ideas and a possible decal redesign, not to mention the website that’s been neglected. I’ll be sharing more frequently.

I’ll be part of the cast of the second annual Ballers Weekend and Ride in the Virginia mountains. We are still looking for a few good men and women who want to join. Email me for details.


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5 Responses to Not so deep thoughts and what’s going on….

  1. virag says:

    maybe you should take green off but put greene on the palette! oh, my, i amuse myself!!

  2. virag says:

    i actually like green on a bike. there are some light metallic and bright metallic greens that look good, especially on a lugged frame with lots of filing and details. i’ve also seen a couple of candy apple type greens that are quite nice as well.

  3. ZenNMotion says:

    Sorry dude, but wishing it weren’t so won’t make the obvious go away. If not a “flagship” color, green needs to be in the palette. I hate newt. Newt is not green. Newt is white. As in empty and bleached and sterile. Green is life, green is love, green is comfort and yes- green is speed. The reason you’re fighting it is that it IS you. Let go of the primary colors as the only path- too many (yawn) blue and red and white bikes already! Be you.
    That said, how about considering something like blood orange as a flagship color for JG cycles? If you didn’t let me have green, something like this Porsche rendition would make me drool-

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