Score one for the Cobbler

I’ve had this frame stuck in my head for most of the year. It’s got double oversize pipes and and a Max fork. For years I’ve been thinking of building myself a Max bike. Yeah, it’s a little overkill for my wattage and weight, but who wouldn’t want to turn heads, right? For reasons I won’t get into I decided back in the winter to do a more modernish approach, fat round tubes, stout fork, sloping top tube, Badassness. Well here it is. I’ll be riding it in a few days.

On another note, a pal who will remain nameless, I’ll call him Don F, said my frame looked great but my photo’s look ghetto(I think he said that). He’s right. I’m working on setting up a small photo studio and should have the details dialed over the holidays. No more setting a completed frame on the sidewalk and snapping away.

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2 Responses to Score one for the Cobbler

  1. cs124 says:

    This frame looks great. What are the dimensions?
    Do you have any photos of it built up?

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